Nightclub Security - Nightclub, Bar & Restaurant Security Handbook

Now in its 3rd Edition!

The Nightclub, Bar and Restaurant Security Handbook is the most comprehensive book of its kind. This is the only security reference your business will ever need. No longer will you have a bouncer or doorman, you will have a cohesive security unit.

This book is packed with over 320 pages of practical information that has been tried and tested through years of experience. Specifically written for the venue owner and/or manager, The Nightclub, Bar and Restaurant Security Handbook will help you focus on profits, not lawsuits and licensing violations.

Since its original publication in 1995, The Nightclub, Bar and Restaurant Security Handbook has helped thousands of owners and managers secure their facilities and protect their profits. Used by everyone from The House of Blues to The ITT Sheraton Corporation.

"The practical suggestions offered are clearly the result of 'real life' experience rather than theory. You have set forth a compilation of data in a single publication that represents a career full of insights and know how. I urge all hotel security practitioners with bar, lounge and nightclub security responsibility to acquire this valuable publication as a security reference."
        Richard G. Hudak -- Director of Corporate Security -- ITT Sheraton Corporation

"Our facilities are better equipped with a better method of training and a defense should a situation necessitate our presence either before a local licensing board or a civil court. Today's litigious society requires not only training, but also a means of documenting that training so that employees' knowledge of company policy and the law can be proven. I urge all nightclub, bar and restaurant owners to implement the policies and procedures that are offered in this publication. It is a must for this industry."
        Christopher O. Keller -- Regional General Manager -- Ark Restaurants Corp.

About the Book
Need security procedures but don’t know where to start? Could your policies be used against you in court?
About the Authors
Developed and written by professionals in the field of venue security for alcohol-related facilities.
Sample Contents
Altercation Prevention
Identification Assessment
The "Team" Perspective
Reporting Incidents
Employee Theft Prevention