About the Authors of The Nightclub, Bar and Restaurant Security Handbook

Developed and written by the owners of a Boston-based security company that specialized in venue security for alcohol-related facilities and special events.

Robert McManus and Sean O’Toole developed a philosophy about venue security based on one simple objective: protect the facility’s profits. Owners, managers, promoters and advertising bring in the revenue…security makes sure the revenue stays there. Lawsuits, altercations, venue reputation, employee theft, breakage…anything that could affect a facility’s bottom line, needs to be prevented. Through trial and error, the authors created a security system that focuses on service, hospitality, and prevention. In doing so, they have gained combined total of over 30 years in the business and have secured and/or reviewed hundreds of facilities. In that time, they operated a successful security company without ever settling a lawsuit or having a case proceed to trial.

Through the years, McManus and O’Toole realized that every management team with which they had contact suffered the same difficulties:

1. They had few or no formal security procedures.
2. They had little or no formal staff training for security.
3. What security procedures and training were in place were insufficient, inconsistent, and ineffective.
4. They were unable to develop security procedures and training that would be retained due to the high turnover rate of employees in the hospitality industry.
5. They had no effective method of documenting training...no way of proving to a court, alcohol board, or liquor licensing commission that their staff had received proper training.

The Nightclub, Bar and Restaurant Security Handbook is the accumulation of the knowledge obtained through those years of experience and is the answer to any venue’s problems. This easy-to-read, comprehensive book is specifically designed to help venues of all sizes create polices, procedures, and training that focuses on service, hospitality, and protecting your profits.

About the Book
Need security procedures but don’t know where to start? Could your policies be used against you in court?
About the Authors
Developed and written by professionals in the field of venue security for alcohol-related facilities.
Sample Contents
Altercation Prevention
Identification Assessment
The "Team" Perspective
Reporting Incidents
Employee Theft Prevention

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