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A new venue opens or a new owner buys and existing venue…the owner hires some local college kids for security, maybe just one to check IDs at the door, and everything is fine for few months. As time progresses, the manager and these kids work out some informal procedures for opening the venue, working the floor, and closing at the end of the night.

Then one night something happens. It could be anything…a fight, a slip and fall, an unruly patron, a minor gets intoxicated/injured, someone denied access to the venue for the wrong reason, someone ejected for the wrong reason, security gets hurt or hurts a patron…

There are a number or reasons how it starts, but it always ends the same…the owners end up in court (and often in front of a local licensing board for reprimand). And it has been our experience that the lawsuits against the owners almost always contains two phrases: “negligence” and “improper training of employees.”

An owner or operator of a nightclub, bar or restaurant has to face the fact that he or she will be in a perpetual state of being sued or about to be sued. While there is no end-all cure to win lawsuits, an owner must prepare himself/herself for the inevitable with a best defense.

The problem is that the nightclub owner or manager (and those college kids) are not experts in security. Developing a training program is a daunting task, especially if the developer doesn’t have any experience in the fields of security or training. Even if the experience exists…if the owner or operator has worked for years in the nightclub industry…organizing that knowledge into a cohesive training program is difficult.

The Nightclub, Bar and Restaurant Security Handbook (320 pages 8½” x 11”) was specifically written to address these problems. There is no need to hire expensive consultants or security companies to protect your facility…make yourself the security training expert. By utilizing the experience of the authors’ combined 30 years in the business of nightclub security and training, you can create a training program that will help as a best defense against “improper training of employees” lawsuits.

Not only will you be providing proper training to your employees, but you will have a method of documenting that training. Properly training your employees is your best method of keeping you out of court…by preventing litigious from occurring in the first place. Using the experience of the authors to develop good policies and procedures is your best method of preparing your staff to respond should an incident occur. And documenting that training is your best way of proving to both a court and local alcohol licensing board that you are not negligent, your employees are properly trained, and that you take the safety of your patrons seriously…and you can prove it.

About the Book
Need security procedures but don’t know where to start? Could your policies be used against you in court?
About the Authors
Developed and written by professionals in the field of venue security for alcohol-related facilities.
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Altercation Prevention
Identification Assessment
The "Team" Perspective
Reporting Incidents
Employee Theft Prevention

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