Partial Table of Contents

Establishing Your Needs
Acquiring Your Security Staff
Security Self-Evaluation
Security Hiring
Creating Your Security “Unit”
Training Your Security
Equipping Your Security
Scheduling Your Security
Developing a “Team” Perspective
Special Event/Special Situation
Private Parties
Promoted Nights

Altercation Prevention
Altercation Assessment
Altercation Management
Doorman, Floorman, and Lead Guides
Crowd Management
Alcohol Awareness
Police and “Governing Agencies”
Maintaining Cleanliness
First Aid/Emergency Procedures
Preventing Incidents and Injuries
Assessing Incidents and Injuries
Managing Incidents and Injuries
Reporting Incidents and Injuries
Emergency Situations

Celebrities and VIP Guests
Everyday Security Topics
Everyday Security Procedures
Everyday Security Operations
Opening Procedures
Operating Procedures
Closing Procedures
Identification Assessment

General Employee Information
Increasing Your Staff’s Security Awareness
Employee Theft Prevention
Employee Theft Detection
Security Companies
Designing/Redesigning a Venue
Forms for Operations and Documenting Training
Outlines for Operations and Documenting Training

Partial list only. Actual Table of Contents over 250 topics!
About the Book
Need security procedures but don’t know where to start? Could your policies be used against you in court?
About the Authors
Developed and written by professionals in the field of venue security for alcohol-related facilities.
Sample Contents
Altercation Prevention
Identification Assessment
The "Team" Perspective
Reporting Incidents
Employee Theft Prevention